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At L & R Fencing LLC, our specialty is fence repair. With years of experience, we possess the niche skillset and expertise to perform all types of repairs on all sizes and styles of fences. With us on the job, you can expect a complete restoration of your fence. No more, no less.

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Comprehensive Solutions for All Fence Repair Issues

You expect your fence to last. At L & R Fencing LLC, we’re here to facilitate exactly that.

Our repair services help you get the most use out of your fence. We provide comprehensive, long-term repair services designed to fortify a fence, strengthen its structural integrity, and maximize its durability. That way, we extend the lifespan of your fence, ensuring it stays strong for as long as possible.

We use a rigorous inspection process to get to the root of a problem. Thanks to our investigative skill, we’ll not only catch the most glaring issue affecting your fence, but also any underlying problems that may be hampering its longevity. We’ll then use our findings to secure your fence, protect it from harm, and restore it to excellent working condition. Better fence. Longer lifespan.

Local Fence Services: Fast, Affordable, Professional

Despite the premium quality of our repairs, they don’t come with premium-level price tags. As a local operation, we are committed to keeping our services affordable and accessible to all. We use a lean business model to maintain a low overhead, reduce the costs of our labor, and keep our prices extremely competitive. Choose L & R Fencing LLC, and you’ll see just how far a dollar can take you.

Our fence repair services are not just affordable, but also quick and convenient. We offer exceptionally short turnaround times for every repair job, typically completing them within a day. No need to worry about continual delays and stoppages—we make fence repair a simple, in-and-out job. Rest assured. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard again in no time.

Trust the Leading Local Fence Contractor

We built our business on a single guiding principle: Trust. Trust is at the heart of what we do. Ultimately, we’re honest tradespeople. We provide a quality service, and we perform all our work with diligence, transparency, and the highest degree of professionalism.

Unlike many contractors, we don’t try to sell our customers more than what they need. In fact, our fence repair services have helped our clients save enormous sums of money. Thanks to our expertise, we’ve managed to salvage fences that other companies would have scrapped and replaced. Our customers have consistently appreciated our honesty and our money-saving strategies. We’re sure you will, too, once you try our services.

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We’re confident we’re the top choice for fence repairs in the local area. We’re dependable, we’re professional, and we’re affordable. We’ve helped countless clients get the most out of their fences. We can help you too.

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